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Weststone's Hope's Magic Sunrise ADC, SGDC

CKC pointed

DOB: January 24th 2016

Blue Merle, Female

43 lbs, 19”

Full dentition, scissors bite

Eyes (CAER): Normal (clear) 

OFA hips: Excellent 

OFA elbows: Normal 

Paw Print Genetics- Australian Shepherd Genetic Panel: All Normal/Normal (clear) view her genetic health certificate below

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.26.11 PM.png
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Not only is Bonnie breathtakingly beautiful, she also has a brilliant mind and a sweet, innocent, and gentle temperament. She is extremely loyal to her humans and is highly intuitive. She is also high drive, very energetic and athletic, but she also has a natural “off switch” when she's not playing or working. She is always up for an adventure but she also loves to snuggle and just relax on the couch with her people. Over the past few years, Bonnie has competed and earned titles in AAC agility trials, disc competitions, and she has also performed tricks and agility in the Border City Barkers agility shows at various community events in Windsor-Essex, as well as schools and senior’s homes. Loud noises and crowds neither scare her nor distract her from brilliantly showing off her skills (although that is also because of training, which is a breeze with her). Bonnie is our dream dog, and she is also the magic and inspiration behind Avamir Australian Shepherds! She is also in perfect health at 7 years old, and still has the energy of a 2 year old Aussie!

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Avamir’s Magical Summer Sunrise

Weststone’s Hope’s Magic Sunrise (Bonnie) x Echo Lake Robin’s Every Way a Summer Day (Wilson)DOB: 2021/09/11

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